Economic Evangelism: A Bold New Movement for Financial Improvement


We live in a land that allows a person to start where they are and then rise as far as they choose to. As I began to see the awesome benefits entrepreneurism afforded me, my mission in life became to share that opportunity with as many people as possible. I looked around and saw that the average person’s life would be improved with just an extra $100 to $500 a month in their household budget. I looked around and saw youth that don’t have many serious job opportunities; in many cases because of their own poor choices which ultimately limit their opportunities. Yet they are constantly being told to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and to take advantage of opportunities afforded to them.

It became my mission in life to provide some of those opportunities, and to share a way for the average person to receive a better lifestyle. Consequently I created the program called The Economic Evangelism System and I became the first evangelist. Evangelism is sharing passion, fervor and purpose, and ideas with your “congregation” and/or believers.
Economics has nothing to do with religion, race, political views, or age. I am passionate about advancing this concept of The Economic Evangelism System to as many people as humanly possible. The average person might not understand on how to leverage their life to start achieving the success they want. School doesn’t teach us how to make money, it just teaches us how to work for someone else and make them rich. My goal is to show people that it is possible to win in life. Nothing can stop you once it has been decided to chase the dream that’s been dormant ever since you can remember.

The Economic Evangelism System is not just some cute sounding term; it is actually a mission and a passion. The methodology is something that I have developed over the last 20 years. The methodology begins with offering an average person the opportunity to escape limitations that were placed on them because of little to no economic guidance they received in life. That means guidance with the skill-sets, the mindset, and the rules that must be applied in order to reach the status of wealth and success. This along with the values and virtues of working for yourself hasn’t been taught in mainstream educational systems and by the looks of things it won’t be taught there anytime soon.

The Eight Essential Elements of Economic Evangelism teaches us to work harder for ourselves than we do for someone else. That is how to win in life. It also teaches that success is governed by a strict set of principles that must be adhered to and followed explicitly. In this book, The Economic Evangelism System was designed to teach those principles and share eight traits with people that are willing and committed to change their lives. Many of today’s transformational thought leaders teach that it’s all about having the right mindset. I agree with that concept in addition to other principles that I developed. I believe with these principles, we can leverage this knowledge to help an average person become an above average person with extraordinary results.

Please join me as I share from my soul all the aspects of The Economic Evangelism System. To explain how this works, I will start from the very beginning and show you how I was able to reinvent myself and move to the top where it’s a lot less crowded. I will also discuss this mission and why I’m so driven to accomplish it. It is my passion to share the mission of these Eight Essential Elements of Economic Evangelism. I am committed to teaching the mission and giving anyone that desires help, an opportunity to change their life. Finally I will share this methodology that I have refined and shared with countless people around the globe and they are now using The Economic Evangelism® System, which gives them a chance to change their lives for the better.

~SirMarkadoo Haggins